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How can I sleep better?

It’s weird that we have to ask this, right? We sleep literally every day of our lives. (Okay, the occasional all-nighter or turbulent red-eye flight, but you get the idea). How is it that we’re bad at something we do every single day? 

Yet for most people, good sleep is elusive. Terrible work schedule. Loud neighbors. Crying baby. Dog that wakes you up at 4 a.m. Stress, anxiety, coughing, pain, GERD, sleep apnea — whatever other random health condition makes you an insomniac. Despite how often we try for some shut-eye, it seems everyone would love to find ways to improve their sleep.

How do I get more sleep?

The global market for sleep aids is expected to top $111 billion by 2030. That doesn’t include the roughly $40 billion people spend on new mattresses each year. So many people want the quick fix, but few people realize you can learn to sleep better without having to buy a $10,000 bespoke luxury mattress.

Enter Sueño Labs. We exist to clearly present evidence-backed best practices to shift the cultural mindset on sleep, memory, and dreams.

Shift the cultural mindset?

Yep. Sleep is the single biggest contributor to overall health and brain function. More than diet, more than exercise, more than lifestyle. After a few nights — even one night — of poor sleep, we make more mistakes, become more irritable, and stumble through the workday. Police offers will tell you that sleep-deprived driving is often indistinguishable from drunk driving. Everyone knows this, and that’s perhaps why we’re obsessed with learning how to sleep better.

Researchers have identified countless medical conditions exacerbated by poor sleep, and yet millions of Americans live chronically fatigued. We want to improve our sleep, but it often just seems like we can’t. Raise your hand if you’ve ever said that — can’t fall asleep

But here’s the thing — a lot of sleep loss is voluntary. Or perhaps more accurately, poor sleep is a direct consequence of lifestyle choices and personal priorities. We could be better at this. Sleep, memory, and dreams are intrinsically linked and foundational to brain function, but we don’t culturally take them seriously, especially not in the Western world.

So how can I get more sleep?

Now sometimes people feel defensive when we say they make poor lifestyle choices regarding their sleep. “I take my sleep very seriously,” they say. “That’s why I spend so much money on sleep aids and bespoke luxury mattresses!”

Yet we’re not talking so much about individuals here — it’s more about our society in general never really learning how to sleep.

Think back. How many homework assignments did you have in middle school that instructed you on how to go to sleep? Kids learn about nutrition. They have gym classes and sex education. But it’s almost unheard of to have a curriculum dedicated to learning how to sleep better.

Did you ever take a class to study how to maximize your learning during sleep or how to control and analyze your dreams? As adults, how many jobs encourage employees to take power naps at work? Memory palaces and dream interpretation feature in the movies, but how many people seriously discipline their minds to improve their memories? How many people analyze and study their dreams on a daily basis? Culturally, we really don’t practice these things.

Finding good ways to improve sleep

While the past decade has brought positive movement on all these fronts, it remains difficult to find accurate, actionable, accessible information online. A lot of information is either too scant or too academic, and many sites — especially on dreams — are honestly a bit sketchy or misleading.

It’s trendy to count macros and cut out processed foods. It’s cool to track steps and spend all day trying to close your rings on your Apple Watch. Why can’t we be just as obsessed with improving sleep and memory?

But just as there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to diet and exercise, it’s equally unhelpful to just say “sleep at least seven hours every night.” Not that we think that’s bad advice — it just doesn’t offer a pathway to growth.

Put it this way. Let’s say you already lie in bed seven hours per night, sometimes sleeping deeply, sometimes tossing and turning. How can you learn to sleep more restfully and more regularly? How can you make that time more productive? What does that even mean?

At Sueño Labs, we promote self-exploration using scientifically-backed best practices to sleep more efficiently while improving memory and dream recall.

We reiterate: Sleep is a learned skill. It is something you can practice, and it is something you can improve. We’re not here to sell supplements or miracle drugs. This is not a pitch for a new mattress or a better pillow. We believe healthy sleep should be a rhythm and regular practice of life — including positive mental habits in the waking hours.

Sueño Labs is not a medical institution, and we do not give medical advice. This is an educational site sharing ways to improve your sleep. If you can do a couch to 5K program or teach yourself a new crochet stitch by watching YouTube videos, you can definitely learn some new things about how to sleep better.

We believe basic information about learning to sleep better, improve memory, and enhance dreams should be accessible to anyone. Sueño Labs is intended as a place where ancient wisdom meets modern science, where you can find valuable content that’s not too weird and mystical but also not so dense that you have no idea what it means.

No matter how you choose to explore, you’re welcome here. People spend anywhere from ¼ to ⅓ of their lives asleep. How confident are you that you’re making the most of that time?

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