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About Sueño Labs

Sueño Labs exists to clearly present evidence-backed best practices to shift the cultural mindset on sleep, memory, and dreams.

Through accessible, engaging, well-researched content, we aim to:

  • Help people sleep better without taking medications
  • Promote brain health and raise awareness of neurological conditions
  • Give mainstream legitimacy to dream science and dream interpretation

Do you have a story to share on these topics? Get in touch! We’re starting a podcast later this year.

This site launched in 2023 as a hobby project, and now our goal for 2024 is to grow and involve more perspectives. Pardon our digital dust as we’re building out the resource sections.

We’re looking for contributions from deep thinkers and curious minds! Contact us to learn more

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Jimmy Leonard is the managing editor for blog content. He’s passionate about helping others live healthier, more creative lives. He also used to work in an experimental astrophysics lab and thinks the brain and outer space are pretty similar: For as much as we know, there are countless mysteries yet to explore.

Jimmy Leonard Sueño Labs Editor

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