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How To Remember Your Dreams Every Night

How did you get here? 

What a great scene from Inception when Dom and Ariadne are sitting at the cafe table and he draws her attention to the fact: “You never do remember the beginning of a dream.”

What do you think of when you hear the word dream? Freud? Carl Jung? New Age philosophy or surrealist interpretation? The internet’s full of online courses for learning dream analysis, but to some people that already seems like a contradiction. It’s all bunk, isn’t it? There’s nothing to learn — so they say.

All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.
—Edgar Allan Poe

Western science and dreams are an odd couple. On one hand, everyone dreams. It’s commonplace, expected, normal. But it’s also bizarre, untamed, and intensely personal. For most of human history, people had a reverence for dreams and saw them as divine inspiration. Even today, in many cultures you wouldn’t necessarily need to teach someone how to remember their dreams every night because dream recall and analysis are already normal rhythms.

But dreaming and modern science are a difficult pairing because it’s hard to run controlled experiments on dreams. It’s hard to measure, hard to isolate variables, and hard to independently verify what a test subject tells us. 

(If I told you I had a dream about three-toed sloths on skateboards, how would you know if I were telling the truth? The fact that I said it shows that I can imagine it, but it’s impossible to prove that I dreamt it. Are imagination and dreams different? A debate for another time.) 

We’ve all had nightmares or strangely vivid dreams, but it’s hard to collect empirical data on these phenomena. It’s a great subject for movies and pop culture, but it’s fair to be skeptical about how anyone could reliably study dreaming.

At Sueño Labs, we want that to change. We publish articles focused on dream analysis, learning to recall dreams, and achieving lucidity within a dream. Our labs are based on available research and are informed by well-documented best practices. Whether you’re a newbie to the dream world and just want to know how to remember your dreams every night or you’re an experienced lucid dreamer who wants to further sharpen your skills, we want to help you deepen your understanding and improve your practices.

If you feel even a little bit weird scrolling through a website about dreams, let us just say that you are welcome here. One of our goals is to break down the stigma around dream talk in the Western world. It’s normal that you have dreams, and it’s normal that you want to understand them more. After all, people spend about a third of their lives asleep — you might as well do something productive with it!

Lucidity relies on strengthening memory and having regular sleep rhythms as foundations of high dream quality. Practiced dreamers can go on wild adventures, fear their fears, rehearse new skills, prepare for difficult situations, and better understand themselves. We don’t have a universal dream dictionary, but we will encourage you to know your own dream signs and to understand your own story through dreams.

One of the number one reasons people look up courses online is to learn to lucid dream. We have that too. Even if right now you think it’s impossible to lucid dream, stick with it—by following the steps, you really can learn how.

While there’s a lot of exciting new research happening in the study of dreams, so much of our knowledge does still rely on the experiences of individuals. That’s why at Sueño Labs we’re always looking for writers. We’re seeking guest submissions on a number of topics involving lucid dreaming, dream recall, dreams in pop culture, and more. You don’t have to be an expert. We welcome all voices and experience levels.

Thank you for visiting Sueño Labs. We hope it’s everything you dreamed it would be.


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