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Easy Tricks To Improve Memory and Focus

I’m so sorry! I totally forgot.
I meant to do that … but then I got distracted.
My brain is not working right now.

Ever said one of these? You’re not alone. That “scatterbrained” feeling affects our daily rhythms, interrupts our work, and stifles creative pursuits. Forgetting things can make you late for an appointment, damage a relationship, or even contribute to memory impairment and cognitive decline. Although scientists have not yet discovered any guaranteed ways to fight severe memory loss or dementia, there are some proven exercises to strengthen memory. We’re not the only place online where you can find tricks to improve memory and focus, but we do a few things differently from other sites.

No memorizing long lists of numbers. No weird word associations or Sudokus (not that we have anything against Sudoku! It’s not just not the only exercise available to strengthen memory). A lot of the online games and courses focused on improving memory operate in a sort of black box. If you just think really hard it will make your brain better … somehow. Instead, we focus on self-education on how memory works and personalized best practices to improve it.

For instance, not everyone learns the same way. Some people are visual learners while others need to learn with their hands. Not everyone remembers the same way, either. Our mini memory courses — “labs” as we call them — aren’t so much about telling you what to do as they are about helping you understand how your own brain will process information most easily. Each article includes real science and practical advice.

One thing that all experts agree on is that we learn best by teaching something to others. If you have some wisdom to share with the Sueño Labs community, write for us! We’re currently open to guest articles on a variety of topics. You don’t have to have a Ph.D. (or any fancy degree). Your knowledge and life experience matter here.

Thank you for visiting Sueño Labs. We hope you remember to come back.


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