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Effective Ways To Sleep Better at Night

How do I fall asleep faster? How do I stay asleep longer without waking up so much? How can I sleep better so I’m not tired the next day?

At Sueño Labs, we love practical, repeatable, rationally proven best practices for improving sleep. No sleeping pills. No weird-smelling herbal tea. No yoga pretzels that involve massaging your temple with the ball of your foot. We won’t even tell you to turn off your electronics. (At least, not completely. We’re sensible about it — and realistic.)

Better sleep starts with removing distractions at night and teaching your body how to calm down. Simple, right? Except if you’re like most people and “distractions” sing to you like a beautiful siren adorned in the colors of sports highlights and subreddits, or “calm down” is like trying to squeeze stress-flavored toothpaste back into the tube, you may need something a little more in-depth to actually see some progress.

Our articles and resources, or “labs” as we call them, feature mini-exercises to help you sleep better at night. You will learn proven methods to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Each lab explains the science behind the advice and gives you realistic ways to put the method into practice.

We’re lifelong learners, and we believe everyone has wisdom to share. If you’d like to contribute to the knowledge base of Sueño Labs, please write for us! We’re currently seeking guest submissions on a number of topics — and no, you don’t have to be an expert or medical professional to submit. Your life experience is welcome here.

Thank you for visiting Sueño Labs. We try to be interesting, but honestly, we hope that we put you to sleep.

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